2020-21 Teaching

Just a quick update that I will be teaching Econ 4010 (Advanced Microeconomic Theory) in the Fall 2020 and Econ 1010 (Intro Micro) in the Winter 2021.

CWEC/CFÉC Mentoring Breakfast

If you’re a grad student, assistant professor, or junior associate professor planning on attending the CEA meetings in Montreal, we think our CWEC/CFÉC mentoring breakfast would provide a great opportunity for junior women economists to get advice on their career advancement. Please sign up at this event if you are a senior PhD student, assistant professor, or junior associate professor to be a mentee by clicking on the appropriate category of tickets below.

Mentees at the assistant or junior associate rank are encouraged to serve as a mentor in one or two of the three 30 minute sessions.

The breakfast is modelled as an informal meet and greet event where senior women economists will be on hand to provide mentoring and networking opportunities. Junior economists will be able to speak with the senior economists on a variety of topics, such as publishing, teaching, grant writing, networking, job search, career paths, and the tenure process.


End of Term!

The summer (research) term has finally begun.  I’m heading to Beijing and Shanghai in May for the CHWEN (Chinese Women’s Economics Network) conference and then to Montreal for the CEA conference.  Here’s to a productive summer!



I gave up Twitter two weeks ago and am startled at how much more relaxed I am now!

I do miss the friendly banter of the Canadian Economist Party, but the constant (usually bad) news was starting to be very draining.   I haven’t shut down my account entirely, yet.

New Semester, New Site!

With a new semester underway, I figured it was time for a new website as well. This will be the place I share all my recent research papers and activities. If you are looking for any of my papers please don’t hesitate to send me an email!